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Rise swiftly like a rainy cloud.
The stormy moon swiftly views the sun.
Warm, cold tunas swiftly view a dead, small wave.


Golly gosh, adventure!
Death, life, and faith.
The reef travels like a clear shore.
All winds view big, lively gulls.


The dry girl calmly sells the flower.
All sidewalks sell dark, small corners.
Slums stop!
Workers run like grimy streets.


The lad dies like a lively moon.
Pirates travel like old lads.
Adventure is a old cloud.


Whose girlfriend is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite happy though.
Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,
I watch her laugh. I cry hello.

She gives her girlfriend a shake,
And laughs until her belly aches.
The only other sound's the break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.

The girlfriend is darling, weak and deep,
But she has promises to keep,
After cake and lots of sleep.
Sweet dreams come to her cheap.

She rises from her gentle bed,
With thoughts of kittens in her head,
She eats her jam with lots of bread.
Ready for the day ahead.

With thanks to the poet, Robert Frost, for the underlying structure.
Please note: This poem was created with our quick poem generator, so results are fairly basic. Our other generators use robots who take your input then trawl the dictionary for rhymes, synonymns and alliteration, creating a more unique experience.


The tuna endures like a rainy mast.
Oh, faith!
The seashell sails like a misty shore.
Never pull a girl.
Endurance, courage, and death.


Why does the sidewalk work?
Why does the street walk?
Guys run like dusty trucks.


Jackhammers eat like fast slums.
Ooh, life!
Work roughly like a dead corner.
Work is a grimy truck.
Where is the misty skyscraper?


Where is the big gull?
Love is a rainy wind.
Grow roughly like a stormy gull.
Why does the captain endure?
Why does the ship travel?


Strange below the slime
You find florescent diamonds under the sky
Be luminous. The passion shall flee
All happy over the land
You dream of violet keys within the sea
Crazy! The twilight is no more
All glowing under the shadows
You feel sexy fears under the gods
Zounds! The twilight will go
scared unsafe
seeing the light
a trace of sadness
How many times
the hero
look for landmarks
talking to himself.


The autarchy that's really constitutional,
Above all others is the authoritarianism.
Are you upset by how built-in it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the authoritarianism so intrinsic?

The activism is not violent!
the activism is exceptionally passive.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the activism,
Gently it goes - the peaceful.

Just like a strict economy, is the censor.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the censor,
Gently it goes - the sappy, the cuckoo, the clowlike.

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